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MOAC Active Directory 11

MOAC Active Directory 11

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Install Replica Domain Controller
  • Resolve Replication Issues
  • Perform a System State Backup
  • Perform an Authoritative Restore
  • Perform an Offline Defragmentation (Compact the Active Directory Database)

This is an interesting series of labs related to disaster recovery and maintenance.  Installing a replica domain controller is quite common for either a backup DC or for a DC at another site.  Backups are a must and usually become a priority right after they were needed.

Resolving replication issues can be a common task in AD maintenance, especially if there tends to be communication issues between sites.  Defragging is not only for hard drives, but is also important maintenance for any database structure, including Active Directory

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Project 11.1

Replica domain controllers can be used either as backup for a site or as domain controllers in other sites. For this reason, it would be nice to know how to create DCs.

Project 11.2, Part A

In this video we simulate an issue that might be created due to slow or intermittent network connections. In part B we will fix the issues created here.

Project 11.2, Part B

Here we do some detective work to discover the issues created by our simulated network problems. This includes using the LostAndFound container and dealing with duplicate OU creation.

Project 11.3

In this video we install the Windows Server Backup feature and perform a System State Backup. (This backup will be needed in Project 11.5)

A couple of notes: you can use a virtual HDD to back-up to, or you can create and use a file share on the other server. I use the latter option in this video.

Project 11.4

In this video, we compact the database. Now, when I finished compacting, it appears that my compacted database was larger than my old one. I wonder if this might be something new with Server 8 that the DB constantly is defragged. I will look into this.

On that note, an offline defragmentation of the database is analagous to defragging the hard drive, but they are in actuality different things. Databases often fragment when records are deleted. Defragging allows the database to take up less space on the hard drive. Defragging the hard drive will not compact the database. That is a separate operation.

Project 11.5

In this video we perform an authoritative restore. Note that if you select to restart your server immediately after the backup is restored, you will still lose the OU deleted in step 2. In order to recover the missing OU, you need to take the extra step of authoritatively restoring the OU before restarting. The lab manual has additional information related to this.