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MOAC Active Directory 12

MOAC Active Directory 12

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Create a new AD Forest and Domain
  • Configure Name Resolution for multiple Forests and Domains
  • Configure DNS Secondary Zones and Zone Transfers
  • Install and Configure AD Rights Management Service

In this lab we will deal with DNS within AD forests.  We will configure forward and reverse lookups as well as a secondary zone.  Finally, we will setup AD RMS.

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Project 12.1 Installing a new AD Domain

We need a new AD Domain to complete these labs.

Project 12.2 Creating a Reverse Lookup Zone

We examine DNS through AD

Project 12.3 Secondary Zone and Zone Transfers

Here we will configure secondary zones and zone transfers.

Project 12.4 Rights Management Service Role

Here we install and configure the AD RMS role.

Project 12 Lab Cleanup

Time to once again clean up our AD environment. For the purposes of a clean environment, restoring a previous snapshot may be preferable. However, completing these lab cleanup sections can also give you valuable experience in administering an AD environment.