MOAC Active Directory 13

MOAC Active Directory 13

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Install and Configure AD Certificate Services
  • Configure enrollment and revocation PKI certificates
  • Configure archival of PKI certificates

We look at the AD CS role

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Project 13.1 Installing Active Directory Certificate Services

We install the AD CS role. Note that the server must be a member of domainxx. You may need to add the server again.

Project 13.2 Configuring Certificate Revocation

Install and configure an Online Responder. Then establish a revocation configuration.

Project 13.3 Configuring Certificate Templates

We use some existing templates to create new templates for certificates.

Project 13.4 Configuring Certificate Enrollment

Configuring autoenrollment in a couple of certificates.

Project 13.5 Configuring Key Archival and Recovery

We create a special user to act as a key recovery agent, then create a key recovery agent certificate template.

Project 13 Lab Cleanup

Cleanup after Project 13