MOAC Active Directory 2

MOAC Active Directory 2

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Add Active Directory Role
  • Configure a domain in a new forest
  • Configure a child domain in an existing forest
  • Add new users
  • Add users to administrative groups

Microsoft has released Server 8 in beta.  These videos will show the completion of the MOAC Active Directory labs using Server 8.

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Project 2.1 Installing AD Role

The configuration of Server 8 is a little different than Server 2008. There are several features that are more streamlined as well as several other nice features.

Project 2.2 Installing a New Forest Domain

Project 2.3 Verifying SRV Record

Project 2.4 Creating User Accounts

Project 2.5 Installing a Child Domain

Project 2.6 Verifying Child Domain SRV Records