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MOAC Active Directory 5

MOAC Active Directory 5

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Create new users
  • Create new groups
  • Assign group membership
  • Create new Organizational Unit
  • Use dsadd command line

This is perhaps the most useful lab in the entire MOAC lab manual.  You may use these concepts in a position directly out of school.

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Prep Tips for Lab 5

I highly suggest that you follow these tips. It will make your upcoming labs easier.

Quick reference setup

This is the same as the previous video, just a quicker walkthrough on the prep for lab 5 for your reference.

Project 5.1

In this lab, you create new users that will be members of Administrative groups. When you start a career working in AD administration, and you create new accounts for new-hires, this is what you will be doing.

Project 5.2 Part A

Which Admin roles can create sites? Why?

Project 5.2 Part B

Which Admin roles can create users and groups? Why?

Project 5.2 Part C - 1

Before we can test the Schema administration, we need to register a DLL and add a snap-in to a console. Remember to run the command prompt as an Administrator.

Project 5.2 Part C - 2

Which accounts can manage the Schema? Okay, the obvious is there, but can the Enterprise Admin manage the Schema? Why or why not?

Project 5.3 Part 1

This part covers Parts A, B. and C where new accounts, groups, and memberships are all created. Part 2 will be where accounts are tested.

Project 5.3 Part 2

For the last couple steps in the project, we test the new accounts and groups that were created. These groups can also be used in Sharing and NTFS Security Permissions for network shares and shared printers.

Project 5.4

So far we have created users with the GUI. In this part of the lab we create not only a new user, but also a new Organizational Unit (OU-think of this as a folder in the AD structure), all with command line. Before you get too turned off, it is possible that server core will be the future of Server. Additionally, once you are proficient in command line, you can be far more proficient in creating a new user in command line or multiple users with a script.