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MOAC Active Directory 8

MOAC Active Directory 8

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Use Group Policy to configure Account Policies
  • Use Group Policy to configure Audit Policies
  • Configure Folder Redirection
  • Enable Disk Quotas

In this series of videos we use Group Policy.  A lot.  These are the sorts of activities that you may be involved in with respect to Group Policy.  Each step of the way, we are adding to our toolbox.  We are also practicing the creation of GPOs.

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Project 8.1 Part A

In this video we look at Password Length policy.

Project 8.1, Part B

After passwords fail, we look at account lockout policy. There are a few differences in how unlocking an account works in Server 8 versus Server 2008.

Project 8.2

Here we configure auditing policies.

Project 8.3

We love Folder Redirection!!

Project 8.4

We can control how much space Users have to store data through disk quotas.