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MOAC Server Configuration Lab 2

MOAC Server Configuration Lab 2

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Install and configure the Windows Server 2012 operating system
  • Install and configure a Server Core computer

The MOAC Lab manual referenced here is for Server 2008 configuration. I have adapted the exercises to be run in the newer Server 2012 environment. I have included the questions from the lab manual, however, many of the questions may vary or not be relevant to Server 2012. I find this to be one of the more interesting aspects of identifying the differences.

Please feel free to follow along, consider the questions, and send any questions to me.

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Exercise 2.1 Installing Windows Server 2012 (Part 1)

Installation of Server 2012

Exercise 1.1 Questions

After step 1

Question 1: What drop-down boxes are available on the initial configuration screen?

After step 5

Question 2: Why is the Upgrade option disabled? (In Server 2012, the option is not disabled, but if clicked, an alert comes up.  Why would it be impossible to perform an upgrade installation?)

Exercise 2.1 Part 2

Installing Windows Server 2012 Part 2

Exercise 2.2 Configuring Windows Server 2012 Part A

Configuring Windows Server

Exercise 2.2 Part B

Configuring Server 2012

Exercise 2.2 Questions

Part B after step 4

Question 3: What network components are installed on your computer?

Exercise 2.3 Installing and Configuring a Second Windows Server 2012 Computer

Quicker installation of a second server.

Exercise 2.3 Questions

Part B after step 7

Question 4: What is the current name of your computer?

Part C after step 2

Question 5: What is the current name of your computer?

Exercise 2.4 Installing and Configuring a Windows Server 2012 Server Core Computer

Installing and configuring a Server Core computer

Exercise 2.4

Part B after step 1

Question 6: What do you see when you log on to a Server Core computer?

Take a Screenshot of your Virtual Machine

If you have not yet done so, take a screenshot at this point.  If you have time, you may run Windows Updates first.  This will give you a base image to revert to if necessary.