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MOAC Server Configuration Lab 7

MOAC Server Configuration Lab 7

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Install the Print Server Role
  • Create and Manage Windows Printers
  • Install the Internet Printing Protocol

Printing is one of the most visible functions in a local area network.  Properly setting up a print server, and printer pools where necessary, can help assure a happy and healthy workforce.

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Exercise 7.1 Installing the Print Server Role

In this lab you will install the print server role. The lab manual says to do this on the zz computer, but if you are doing this lab virtually as I have been showing in the videos, you only need to do these labs on one computer. There is the added benefit of reinforcing what is presented here by configuring the computers twice, but it is not necessary.

Exercise 7.2 Creating and Managing Windows Printers

Though you may not have an Enterprise level printer to attach to your server, this lab will work. Consumer level printers may not have Server drivers available. If you want to try a printer, give it a shot. There's nothing like the satisfaction in getting IT to function properly.

Exercise 7.3 Installing the Internet Printing Protocol

Being able to manage printers through a web brouser can be convenient. Just be aware of the security risks.

Exercise 7 Lab Cleanup

Once again, we take the server to it's base configuration.