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Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casinos

Author: Lora Dream

Using online Casinos with your Smartphone or Tablet – for a long time it wasn't that easy. Fortunately, this has changed: the big reputable internet casinos have answered us and now offer not only the Desktop offer but also adapted Apps mobile devices on Also, I've already tested a whole bunch of big names to be able to evaluate for you what the Apps can really do. In doing so, I orientate myself on a catalogue of criteria that takes the following things into account:

These bonuses are offered to you in online Casinos

How is the mobile offer accessed?
How easy is the transition (even if it is only temporary)?
What are the differences between Desktop Casino and mobile Casino?
These are – for me-the crucial questions to which a mobile online Casino should have suitable answers.

How can I access mobile online Casinos?

You know it from other web offers: many websites have their own native App, for example for the Apple iPhone or for Android devices, which is downloaded from the respective App Store. But there is also the possibility of creating a mobile website that will direct the player when they access the “traditional” online offering (or at least point out that there is also a mobile Casino).

The most beautiful is of course the automatic forwarding. So I don't have to download an App and can jump right into the game.

What does such a mobile Casino look like?

The user interface is one of the most central elements of online Casinos. I don't feel like clicking through confusing menus and searching for ages to get to where I want to go. For a mobile Casino, such intuitive user guidance is of course even more difficult. Why, it is clear: the Display is simply much smaller – if you do not want to go hunting for your favourite slot with a magnifying glass, you need a tidy and slim Design.

When first visiting a mobile casino, of course, a little acclimatization time is necessary, even as a professional. However, if the menu is at least logical, this is definitely a plus. The same applies, of course, to the game itself. It just has to fit.

Online Casino Apps

Some online Casinos can not only be visited via the Browser of the mobile device, but also offer their own App for Download. Now, of course, the question arises why you should download an App when the Casino is already easily accessible via the mobile Browser in the mobile phone. On the one hand, Casino Apps usually differ significantly from the mobile Website, which in many cases represents a miniature copy of the Desktop Version. Once again, an App is much tidier and easier to use. On the other hand, an App also serves the convenience. In contrast to the game in the mobile Browser, the Casino does not have to be searched first. Instead, the app gives you direct access to the content. In 2017, there were problems in the AppStore of Apple again and again with the provision of Casino Apps, which is probably in connection with changed terms and conditions on the part of Apple. However, various online Casinos are working hard on a solution to the problem, so that a comfortable game in the App with the major providers (for example Mr Green) from an iPhone or iPad will soon be possible again.

Casino payments usually work on the mobile device the same as on the Desktop Version. So when you log into your account with your Login details, you should find your usual payment option. It is different in Apple Pay Casinos, these work exclusively in the mobile Version (or Tablet) and are only accessible to Apple users.

This is often missing in mobile Casinos

Such a mobile Casino means a lot of programming effort for the development teams. The scope is therefore often not quite as large as with the desktop counterparts. So who uses a mobile Casino, must expect that:

The game portfolio is limited to the most popular titles (the” classics " and current games).Deposit and withdrawal methods are restricted.The Navigation and user experience is simply different (but not necessarily worse).I think that the Online Casinos are well aware that mobile Casinos are on the rise, which is why the switchover is very easy. For example, Login data and the Bankroll can be taken over or used in parallel – nevertheless, there are differences between the individual mobile online Casinos. The most popular mobile Casinos are listed in the above list and have been personally tested by me.

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