Mobile extension of wix.com

Mobile extension of wix.com

Author: Sylvia Odoms

Develop a solution to viewing flash websites on mobile devices.

Learn to filter, summarize and display on your mobile device only essential information from the wix.com full blown flash website.

Flash websites do not always display on mobile devices.  Wix.com websites are not always accessible on mobile devices.  Websites enable various entities to portray their message and reach the maximum number of viewers. In order to reach the mobile community, wix.com allows the website designer to create a separate mobile website.  During this tutorial, students gain insight on how to identify and select the most important information to display on mobile devices.  People are always on the go and need to access information as fast as possible on their mobile devices.  The information displayed needs to be summarized and displayed in the most readable format. 

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Access to website information on mobile devices

This video may be used by students to aid them in their planning session for a wix.com mobile website.

Source: wix.com