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Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Author: April Jackson
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Mobile Learning

What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile Learning is the process of learning through the use of mobility. Mobile learning can include a variety of things such as distance learning, the process of learning through M P3 audio files, and learning tools through mobile applications.


Why Use This Approach?

Mobile learning is becoming increasingly popular among today’s learning environment. Education within its self is becoming more mobile through the use of mobile applications for smart phones and tablets. Instructors are using mobile learning to their advantage by allowing students to use their tablets and smart phones more in educational settings.

Benefits of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is representing a significant growth in education. There are some great benefits with using the mobile learning approach.  One of the most important benefits is access. Access allows information to be accessed from many different angles by both student and instructor. It aids voluntary as well as active learning.  Secondly, the use of cloud which is the saving all information in a special place on a device for increased collaboration; cloud allows mobile learning to be in top of enabler of blended learning. Thirdly, Students get to “feel” their way into the lesson through the use of mobile learning. Through out the years mobile learning has evolved today students are allowed to test the use of application and how it will affect their lessons and learning process.