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Model Design of Simple Molecules

Model Design of Simple Molecules

Author: Matthew Doane


Develop models to describe the atomic composition of simple molecules and extended structures

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Designing Simple Molecules

1.  Watch this quick review on atoms and molecules.

2.  Obtain the chemical formula (found here) for the following simple molecules.

a. Carbon dioxide 
b. Water 
c. Oxygen we breathe into our lungs 
d. Sugar 
e. Glucose 
f. Nitrous oxide
g. Acetic acid 

3.  Create visual representations of the chemical formula for the 7 simple molecules using this 'build your own molecule' tool online.  (The may be 2D or 3D models)

4.  After creating each molecule, save the image to a folder on the computers hard drive.

5.  Create a folder on google drive and title the folder 'Last Name, First Name - Simple Molecules'

6.  Upload all 7 models of simple molecules that you have saved into the google drive folder you have just created.

7.  Share the google drive folder with

8.  Answer the following questions regarding atoms and molecules here.