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Module 0 Sample Lesson

Module 0 Sample Lesson


The objective of this tutorial is to familiarize students and parents with the workflow in my classroom.

This tutorial has sample elements of what the students will experience in the course.

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Tutorial Flowchart

This is how I would suggest you attempt to complete the tutorials.


Source: Created by Gary Strickland

Introduction to the Flipped model of instruction

This is just a short example of something I might ask students to watch. Be sure to complete the form below after watching the video.

Source: Created by Gary Strickland

Sample WSR Form

This Google form is to be completed after watching the included video.

Source: Created by Gary Strickland

Explanation of WSR Form

This document explains the purpose and reasoning behind the WSR form.


Source: Modified by Gary Strickland. Original document created by Crystal Kirch