Module 1 HW Help

Module 1 HW Help

Author: mary daunis
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Introduction to Psychology

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Section 1.5 #28

A picture with a border around it - how wide is the border?

Section 1.5#20

finding an average within an average -

More on 1.5#20

I'm still not solving the equation for you but I do give a bit more of a hint to the end - let me know if you need more!
By the way, the numbers are a little different in this version of the problem so don't let that throw you - the overall solution process is the same -

Section 1.5#32

mixture/concentration problem -

Section 1.4#12

solve graphically
use a zoom box with the TI calculator
adjust window settings

Section 1.6#18 & 19


two boats leave the harbor - one goes east and the other goes west - you know the drill -