Module 1 Voice Overs of Class Notes

Module 1 Voice Overs of Class Notes

Author: mary daunis

to aid in review and offer support outside of class

to emphasize in summary content discussed in class


This summary of class notes is not meant to replace attendance but is meant to enhance your classroom experience. Use these summaries to review what was discussed in class each day - then again before a quiz or an exam - these are study aids but they are not substitutes for working problems and attending class - they do not necessarily cover every topic that was discussed in class -

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Section 1.3

This voice-over was done out of class - it may not be complete - you are still expected to attend class to get complete lecture and participation benefit -

Section 1.4

This is a summary of the class notes - it is not meant to replace attending class - this is a supplement - you should use it for review and to discover what you don't yet understand - you can also use it to enhance your understanding!

Section 1.5

some word problems -

Section 1.6 Projectile

An object is projected upward with an initial speed of 40 ft/sec. Find all times when the object is at a height of 24 ft.

1.6 Complete