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Module 2 Color Theory: Lesson 1

Module 2 Color Theory: Lesson 1

Author: Melissa Cunningham
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Lesson 1: Color Theory in Web Design

Learning Targets

At the completion of this exercise:

  • you will have a better understanding of effective use of color on the web.
  • you will be aware of some excellent color-related resources.


The purpose of this lesson is to gain a general understanding of the concepts of color use in effective web design.


Read & review the articles in the Resources section below.  Respond to the Reading Check questions by completing this form: 

Module 2 Lesson 1: Color Theory


Web Style Guide: Visual Design (Read the section on Contrast, Color & Contrast in Typography, Contrast Variability, and Avoid Overusing Contrast)
Wikipedia: Web Colors
WebAIM: Color Blindness