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MOLE (Managed Online Learning Environment)

MOLE (Managed Online Learning Environment)

Author: Mark Sandlin

This Sophia Learning Packet:

  • describes and explores the merits of an educator having a MOLE in his/her class
  • focuses in on the features of one or two MOLEs

Do you have a MOLE in your classroom? A MOLE is elsewhere called a learning management system (LMS), a course management system, a virtual learning environment, a social networking service, and probably several other names or variations on those names.

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MOLE overview

A short slideshow to give an overview about MOLEs

Source: Images care of Google images and the respective MOLE websites.

Some examples of great MOLEs -- Click to enter websites.


Source: Respective websites (click to enter sites)

British high-schoolers speak in praise of one MOLE -- Edmodo.

Students at Nottingham High School (UK) -- -- are interviewed by their languages teacher, José Picardo.

Interestingly, Mr Picardo is also the curator of the excellent educational resource for teachers,

Take a look at Schoology - Part I

Schoology is one of the free MOLEs--a free, flexible learning management system.


Source: Text by the author of this packet. Images from

Take a look at Schoology - Part II

A 3-minute glimpse of what this MOLE can do.

Source: (by way of YouTube)