Mole Ratios and  Mole Ratio Problems

Mole Ratios and Mole Ratio Problems

Author: Renee Haugen
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Mole Ratios and Mole Ratio Problems

Take notes on your own paper--stop, rewind, go as fast or slow as you like. Take notes as though I was lecturing in class. Write questions on the side of the paper as you go and we will answer them in class.


Determining a Mole Ratio

1) Watch video: "Determining the Mole Ratio"--5 min. You do not necessarily have to watch the entire video if you understand what is going on after the first equation is demonstrated. The second equation is repetition.


Mole Ratio Problems

2) Watch video: "Mole Ratio Problems"--21 min. Take careful notes on this one--it is very good.

Source: YouTube--Tyler DeWitt