Mon Sept. 9

Mon Sept. 9

Author: David Wong
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Introduction to Psychology

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The Great Homework Debate

Read the article "The Great Homework Debate" by Kelly Wallace. Decide what you think is the right amount of homework. As you read try to mark what arguments you agree with and which ones you do not agree with.

Citing a Source

During the year we will practice citing information to support our claims in essays. For now, use this as a template or example:


In the article "The Great Homework Debate," Kelly Wallace mentions that some supporters of homework believe that it is "critical to competing in a global economy." I disagree because....

or try this

The article "The Great Homework Debate," by Wallace states, "parents shared that their children are stressed out and exhausted by the volume of homework" and is right because...


Notice that I mention the Title, Author, and Genre (TAG) before I introduce the quote. The quote can be what someone said in the article, a fact, or anything I copy word for word from the article.

Reading Questions