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Monday 4/6

Monday 4/6

Author: Ashley Holst

Work for Monday 4/6

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Begin Lesson 14

Pages 406-407- write the vocabulary words in your ELA notebook, define them. Use the definitions to complete worksheets matching the vocabulary word to the correct definition. 

Use to access your textbook. Lesson 14 "The Life and times of an Ant"

Worksheet 1- Vocabulary: Working with definitions

Worksheet #2: Create a sentence using the two words provided.


Put new spelling words in your notebook under the heading Lesson 14-Spelling Words

Spelling Words Practice#1

Spelling Practice HOMEWORK

Comprehension: Lesson 14 Life and Times of an Ant

The Genre of this story is: Informational Text

Remember informational texts give facts and information about a topic. As you read look for 1. headings- beginning of sections, 2. graphics to help explain the topic (maps, diagrams, charts) 3. text structure or the ways that things are organized (ideas and information)

Essential Questions: How do living things each have an important role in the world?

Read pages 412-413 and answer the following questions using the story to help you.

1.    Why does the author introduce ants as "masters of the Earth"?

2.   What is the purpose of the timeline on page 412?

3.   What does the author compare ants too? What do these comparisons tell you about ants?

Read pages 414-415 and answer the following questions using the story to help you.

1. What are the main reasons that ants construct their homes underground?

2. Compare the anthill diagrams on p. 414 with the one on p.415. What different purposes do they serve?

3. Which caption tells how ants help the environment?