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Author: Heidi Santos

Third Grade

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Coins and Bills

This video reviews all U.S. coins and bills up to $20. It also reviews the value of each coin, as well as which "famous face" can be found on each coin.

Using Coins and Writing Money

In this video, students will learn that there are different ways to make the same amount of money by using different coins. Students will also learn the appropriate way to write money.

Counting Money

In this video, students will learn how to count money.


In this video, students will compare amounts of money by using the <, >, and = symbols. Students will also determine whether or not a given amount of money is enough to purchase an item.

Making Change Using Subtraction

In this video, students will learn how to make change by using subtraction.

Counting Back Change

In this video, students will see the same problems given them in the previous video, but instead of using subtraction, will be taught to use the "counting back" method to figure change.