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Monitoring Scope

Monitoring Scope

Author: Dan Opstal

This lesson provides an overview of monitoring project scope

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Notes on "Monitoring Scope"

Key Terms

Monitoring scope

The process of ensuring that work being performed is meeting expected deliverables and satisfying requirements

Scope creep

Uncontrolled expansion of a project scope through the creation of additional requirements or deliverables

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Terms to Know
Monitoring Schedule

The process of continuously tracking schedule progress for all project activities against baseline to ensure that a project is delivered as planned.

Project Actuals

The amount of time and/or effort spent completing each project task.

Project Estimates

Estimates relating to time, cost and resources that will be needed to achieve project deliverables.

Project Overruns

Increase to schedule or budget when project tasks take longer to complete or cost more to complete than projected.

Task Completion Monitoring

Tracking progress of project tasks to determine if actual completion is on target.