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Montana's State Symbols

Montana's State Symbols

Author: Marne B.
  • After completing the lesson, students will be demonstrate their learning of five of Montana's state symbols by creating Haiku Deck presentation on their iPads, displaying images and captions of Montana's state symbols. 
  • Students' knowledge will also be assessed with a Sophia quiz.

Students will view a variety of short presentations and be presented with various text resources to learn more about Montana's state symbols. 

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Montana's State Symbols

During this lesson, you will learn about five of Montana's famous state symbols. You will be given text and video resources, as well as information on how to create a Haiku Deck presentation.


  • You will learn about five of Montana's state symbols in this tutorial. For each symbol, you will read a short, informational webpage on the symbol. The reading will be followed by a short YouTube video relating to the symbol.


  • To be prepared for creating a Haiku Deck, please watch the Haiku Deck YouTube video at the bottom of the tutorial. A brief reminder of what's required in the presentation will also be at the bottom of the tutorial.


  • Take the quiz in Sophia to show me what you've learned about five of Montana's state symbols.

State Animal - Grizzly Bear

Click the link below to learn more about Montana's state animal.


Grizzly Bear- MontanaKids

Grizzly Bear - National Park Animals for Kids

Grizzly bears- national park animals for kids

State Flower- Bitterroot

Click the link below to learn about Montana's state flower.


Bitterroot- MontanaKids

American History : About the State Flower of Montana

Montana's state flower, the bitterroot.

Cutthroat Trout Get a Boost from Montana Ranchers

Learn about some issues facing Montana's state fish, and what Fish Wildlife and Parks does to assist them.

State Bird- Western Meadowlark

Read the following webpage for information on Montana's state bird.


Western Meadowlark - MontanaKids

State Fossil- Maiasaura

Learn about Montana's state fossil by reading the webpage below.


Maiasaura - MontanaKids

Haiku Deck Requirements


-Five slides, with a picture of the symbol either drawn or found from Haiku Deck picture search.
-Text indicating which symbol is which, with the name.
-Publish your Haiku Deck presentation. Then, share by copying the URL and pasting it into the following Google Form.

Extend Your Learning!

Learn about additional symbols not covered in this tutorial with the link below.


MontanaKids- State Symbols