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4 Tutorials that teach Monuments, the Later Empire, Constantine
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Monuments, the Later Empire, Constantine

Monuments, the Later Empire, Constantine

Author: Erin Aldana

This lesson will discuss the monuments and architecture of the late empire.

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Arch of Titus, Public Domain,,  Trajan’s Column, Creative Commons,, Trajan’s Column, detail, Creative Commons,, Arch of Constantine, three-quarter view, Public Domain,, Arch of Constantine, north frieze, Creative Commons,, Arch of Constantine tondo sculptures, Creative Commons,, Basilica at Trier, interior, Creative Commons,, Basilica at Trier, exterior, Creative Commons,, Colossal Head of Constantine, Creative Commons,

Terms to Know

A columned meeting hall in ancient Rome, later a church with columns.


A statue, building, or other structure that commemorates an important event or person.


Sculptural elements taken from the buildings of a place that has been conquered and often incorporated into triumphal arches.

Triumphal Arch

A type of monument, originating in ancient Rome, that consists of an arch built to commemorate a military victory.