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Moodle: A MOLE of Merit

Moodle: A MOLE of Merit

Author: Mark Sandlin

This Sophia Learning Packet offers an overview of Moodle, including:

  • A musical tour of Moodle
  • A bit of history (meet Moodle's maker)
  • A selection of video tutorials
  • A sample text tutorial showing how to set up a forum within Moodle


Major universities like the University of Louisiana (Monroe) use it -- free of charge. What is it?  Moodle!

Moodle is one of the most ubiquitous MOLEs (Managed Online Learning Environments). With some 50 million users in over 200 countries. Flexible, full-featured--and did we mention free?--Moodle is one of the best tools available for quality e-learning.

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Moosical Moodle: The Music Video

An easy-on-the-ears, no-talk pictorial overview of the remarkable Moodle.

Martin Dougiamas: Moodle Maker


The Mind Behind Moodle

      Martin Dougiamas. Click his brain to find out what else, besides Moodle, is in there.

Moodle Mentoring: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place for Tutorials

A smorgasbord of videos for mastering Moodle.

Tutorial: Setting Up a Teachers' Forum on Moodle


Source: Original by author. Images: Moodle.