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More Russian stuff- Just for fun. :)

More Russian stuff- Just for fun. :)

Author: Jeanne Wardle

Fun videos, jokes, and games in Russian.

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Sand Animation from Ukraine's Got Talent

This beautiful sand animation tells the history of the Ukrainian people.

КАРАОКЕ Холодное сердце - Отпусти и забудь (минус)

The X Factor 2 Ukraine - Aida Nikolaichuk - Колыбельная

Amazing Dancer's on Ukraine's Got Talent

Russian- fact and fiction

Quiz yourself! Do you really know everything you thought you know about Russia?

The voice kids Russia- "Hit the road, Jack"

"The Voice- Kids!"
Popular song "Hit the road, Jack" in Russian.

Advertisement for Arjanovskoi School

Students and teachers at Arjanovskoi School created this "advertisement" to share with our Russian language students at Rancho High School. This video is adapted from a popular Russian cartoon starring Dadya Fyodor.

Популярность имен в Москве и области в XX веке

The most popular Russian baby names in the 20th century.