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Motif Discovery in Protein Sequences

Motif Discovery in Protein Sequences

Author: murphy wu

Motif Discovery in Protein Sequences

Biology has become a data-intensive research field. Dealing with the large amount of data from new genome sequencing technologies is the main area of research. The motif recognition problem takes as input a set of known patterns or features that in some way define a class of proteins. The goal is then to search in an unsupervised or supervised way for other instances of the same patterns. As mentioned in the Introduction, the known motifs in biological sequences are generally compiled databases that are publically available over the Internet. The motifs contained in these resources are generally manually curated and the entries in the databases include extensive documentation of the specific biological function associated with the sites. Now, the computational biologist of CD BioSciences is proud to tell you that we are willing to provide you with protein motif discovery services in protein sequences services!

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