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Motivation 4-Getting Involved

Motivation 4-Getting Involved

Author: Megan Trimble

PBIS: By learning how overcome their fear of getting involved in school and extra-curricular activities students will be able to take personal ownership for their education and overall well-being.

Encourage students to utilize their resources at school and home to help them become valued members of various organizations and groups that celebrate them as individuals working together contributing to a cause beyond themselves.

This lesson has been created to be administered in a variety of ways: flipped, independent, whole-class, small-group, etc. Teachers know their students best and can adapt materials as needed.  

Each lesson in this series consists of a video overview of the topic which should be viewed at the start of the lesson to introduce the topic/concepts. Once the video has been viewed students will engage in reading 3 narratives directly related to the lesson topic and then respond to (up to 10+) prompts in the form of response questions. Document have been made for either electronic or written completion.  

The classroom teacher can determine the most appropriate response questions to assign based on the length of class-time and/or total narratives reviewed.  There are supplemental multimedia for students to view/access in between narratives to help deepen their understanding of the lesson content. Finally, each lesson culminates in a short "AFL" containing differentiated questions related to concepts in the lesson.

Involving students in their own learning can also serve to motivate. Lessons that are teacher centered do little to encourage student involvement. Motivation and learning are enhanced when students are actively involved in a lesson through such efforts as: a cooperative learning project, role playing, or various hands-on activities.

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Getting Involved

Source: M. Trimble/Advantage Press-2015

How To Stay Involved in Middle & High School

Read the article located here.

Ask yourself (or discuss with your class) the tips provided in the article.  


1. Can you located the club/activity information for your school

2. Have you taken the initiative to get involved in the activity of your choice? If not-email that Coach/Sponsor and express your interest!  Ask him/her what you can do to get involved.

Source: M.Trimble-2015/Great

Motivation #4-Short Stories

Click here to access the short stories for this lesson.  Read the 3 stories and reflect/discuss. You can read all the stories at once or individually.  You will use the contents of the stories when answering the response questions later in the lesson.

Source: M.Trimble-2015 *(Advantage Press)

Motivation #4-Student Response Documents

Click here to access the student response(s) document for this lesson. Your teacher will let you know which of the questions you will be required to complete.

Source: M.Trimble-2015 *(Advantage Press)

Meaningful Student Involvement

Scroll down to the 5th & 6th pages for tips and ideas on how students can take the initiative to get involved.


Source: SoundOut