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Moving the classroom around

Moving the classroom around

Author: Claire Simms

LO: students will use their communication, collaboration and cooperation skills to move the classroom around to create a new learning environment for Term 4. 

Miss Simms has been called to a meeting and the students need to use the three Cs to move the classroom around. 

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Good morning 4D!

I have been called to an important meeting.  I don't know how long I will be in it for.


Please would Tiffany do the register.  I have left it open on my laptop - thank you. 


After you have taken the register please follow the instructions on the next couple of pages.

Move the classroom around

We need to move the tables around for Term 4.

Organise yourselves into 6 groups.


Gr1 - take out 3 rectangular tables and put them outside the classroom against the wall.

G2 - put 2 rectangular tables together with one trapezium table at the end near the whiteboard that has the date on. Put these tables near the desktop computers with 5 chairs.

G3 - bring in the hexagon table from outside Mr Gollin's room. Put it it in the far left hand corner near the fractions poster with 6 chairs. 

G4 - put 2 rectangular tables together in a straight line in between the tables G2 and 3 have moved.  The straight line needs to be pointing towards the IWB. You need to add 4 chairs, 2 on either side.

G5 - use 2 rectangular tables to create on L shape near my desk. Make sure I can walk through!!! Add 4 chairs. 

G6 - use 2 rectangular tables to create a straight line near your bag cubbyholes. Add 4 chairs that are facing the IWB. 

Finished? Go to the next page.


Move the small tables, cushions and book box to a clear space.


Check that all students can see the IWB from each chair.



Have you got space to sit in front of 'my world'? 



Complete the reflection quiz.