Mr. Shel's 1.1 Algebra Workshop

Mr. Shel's 1.1 Algebra Workshop

Author: Cory Sheldahl


By completing this workshop lesson, students will:

  • Have Demonstrated Hands on Applications of Organizing Data
  • Complete hands on applications of data to compare and draw conclusions

this lesson is intended as either painting the foreground to an introduction to data unit, or as a reinforcement of abstract concepts to a concrete process or product evaluate data given.

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(you get to define these in your own words)  OneNote or Google Notebook a great place to keep these! (can order by lesson or alphabetically)

Data -- 

Statistics --

Work with Data

You deal with data and you probably aren't aware of it; the grocery store, the fast-food restaurant, the post office, and even at home!  This short workshop will help you become aware of the data around you, and how you can make meaning of it by comparing and making decisions with what you have.


PreContent to Working with Data
You may need to view Mrs. B's video on Reading a Data table before proceeding

Source: Link from Sophia.org, Mrs. B's "Reading a Data Table"

Making a table

Based on the information provided, create a table

Source: National Textbook Company, (1998). Algebra 1, An Integrated Approach. p. 6

CD and Tape Table Sample

This is a sample of the table started in the screen recording

Full Screen

Source: Sheldahl, C. (2012). Excel Document, CD and Tape Table