Mrs. McCorkle Geography: 1st 6 weeks- Day 4

Mrs. McCorkle Geography: 1st 6 weeks- Day 4

Author: Kim McCorkle

Student will:

Identify the main ideas of the overview of North America

Complete a blog post identifying and describing 3 main ideas in the presentation

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North American Geography Presentation

It is a little long, so pause it and take a couple of short breaks.

Blog Post

Go to: http://kidblog.org/mccorkleking/wp-login.php?redirect_to=%2Fmccorkleking%2F

Find your name and login (password:bms)

​Click to start a new post.

Title the post: North America

Start the post:

While watching the presentation on North America, I learned three things. The first thing was _____________.(fill in the blank). The second thing I learned was __________________________________. I also learned ________________________________________-.

If you can't think of anything or three things you learned, go back and watch the video again.