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Mrs. McCorkle: Geography 1st Six Weeks - Day 1

Mrs. McCorkle: Geography 1st Six Weeks - Day 1

Author: Kim McCorkle

Students will view a fun introduction to Geography Video.

Students will review the continents and oceans.

Student will create an avatar to represent himself/herself.

Student will contribute ideas for classroom social contract. 

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View each video or complete each task in the order they appear from top to bottom. If you don't finish everything for that day, continue the next day.

Welcome to our class!

A fun Geography Video

Please watch, with headphones. Be thinking about an area of the world that interests you!

Source: Published on Aug 12, 2013 Full album & lyrics: Music by Renald Francoeur, Drawing by Craighton Berman, Video by Don Markus- Youtube

Social Contract

In our classrooms this year, we are making social contracts.

This is an opportunity for students to have a voice in what types of behavior and expectations are right for our class.

I don't want you to miss out.

Some common things that students want to include in a contract are:


no put downs

follow directions

listen to others

There are many more, what do you most want to see in our classroom - you may include items listed above. Please send me an email today with what you want included so that I can be sure your ideas are in the contract. I will wait to have the class sign the social contract until I have your input, so please be sure to type what you want included!

Sign Up for Thinglink - do this today so you can use it tomorrow.

Thinglink Account link

To create your account click on this link:

When signing up it will ask you to "accept" something, a blue button, please accept it.





Create an Avatar

For this assignment, you will create your own avatar using one of the following sites:

For a grade of 100:

  • Must be school appropriate
    • No guns
    • No smoking
    • Anything not allowed in school is not allowed on the avatar


Installing Awesome Screenshot Extention

You will need to install Awesome Screenshot before you create your avatar.

Mini Mizer

Build Your Wild Self

Please use this map to review the Continents and Oceans

Hover over the dots for labels. Try to guess which continent/ocean the dot is over before going to the dot. Practice until you are sure you know them all! This will be on the test next Friday.

Source: Image SHARED BY: MELISSA BARON 05-27-2011:

A video to leave you with... I am from New England and this video was taken on Cape Cod this summer. It was projected onto a church. Sandwich is the town from which I moved and they were celebrating their 375th anniversary this year.