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Mrs. McCorkle: Geography 1st Six Weeks - Day 3

Mrs. McCorkle: Geography 1st Six Weeks - Day 3

Author: Kim McCorkle

Student will:

  • Define culture
  • Create a culture collage of culture in the USA
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Today you will learn about Culture:

1. Watch videos

2. Define Culture

3. Create a Google Presentation slide showing elements of American Culture


Hispanic Culture in USA

Click the link below and watch the video. Look for examples of Hispanic culture in the USA.

What is Culture?

What is Culture? 2

Culture Collage

Watch the video below for instructions on how to create a USA culture collage.

USA Culture Collage Instructions

1. Click on the link below
2. Open research feature
3. Search for images of your idea of USA Culture
4. Include at least 4 images
5. One of the images must be something that started in another country and is now part of American Culture - my example is pizza, you need to pick something else.
6. Make sure your name and "USA" appear somewhere on your collage.
7. Make it your own.