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Mrs. McCorkle: Geography 1st Six Weeks - Day 7

Mrs. McCorkle: Geography 1st Six Weeks - Day 7

Author: Kim McCorkle
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Today: Mexico

Today you will:

  1. Fill out the KWL chart on Mexico - fill in only the first two columns before watching the videos:
  2. Watch the videos and fill out the last column on the KWL chart.
  3. Create a blog post telling me three things you learned about Mexico.


Please watch the videos about Mexico.


Mexico - Aztecs

Mexico - Pottery

Mexico - Mine of Naica

Mexico - Day of the Dead

Blog Post

Go to this link and sign into Kidblog, the same way you did last week.

Once you login, click on "new post".

The post title should be "Mexico".

Write at least 3 sentences describing 3 things you learned about Mexico from the videos.