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Mrs. Piedrasanta (flipping a classroom)

Mrs. Piedrasanta (flipping a classroom)

Author: noemi piedrasanta

main point about flipping a classrom

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Main points about flipping a classrom

Flipped a classroom

Flipping the classroom is designated to make the best use of face to face.
Start first by choosing a lesson you want to flip using

Apply flipping theory in lesson planning and delivery

Create your own personal philosophy

Choose a lesson you want to flip and be creative (use videos/podcast)

Flipped classroom is constant work in progress and it maybe different everyday, but we must constantly strive to help the student in their learning.

Content of the lesson needs to clear and to the point.

Make sure you objects are clear for each lesson.

A 40 minutes in class can be whittled down to a 10 minutes video.

Always have your students engaged in learning during the video e.g by taking notes or complete an example on their own.

Importance of the group dynamic
Students learn from the teacher (at home)

Students learn from the teacher (in class)

Students can be apply knowledge individually (assessment)