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Ms. Rose's Lesson

Ms. Rose's Lesson

Author: Matti Rose
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Blogging about Books Using Blogger

Book recommendations are a great way for reader's to discover new books to read from their peers.  Student's can write about books they read by telling others about the book, what they liked and did not like about the book, and why they would recommend the book to others.  These recommendations can be done through creating a blog with the app Blogger.

Blogger is a app sponsored and connected to Google.  It is an easy app to use where students can type up a blog in a familiar word-like program.  Students can add in things like pictures, hyperlinks, and videos to support their blogs.  

Now students are going to review this tutorial and create a blog using Blogger about the last book they read.

Blog Away!

How to Write a Blog

1. Click New Blog

2. Create Blog Title.  In the title box write the title of your blog series.  For example: Book Recommendations.

3. Create Web Address.  In the web address box create a name for your web address for your blog.  For example:

4. Choose a Layout Template.  Simply by clicking the box of the layout you think will work for your blog best. 

5. Post Title for Blog you are Currently Writing.  In the title box write the name of the book you are writing about.  For example: Where the Wild Things Are.

6. Write.  Write your blog including details about important parts of the story, what students like and dislike, and reasons they would or would not recommend the book to another reader.  Do not indent when you start a new section just press enter.

7. Add in Pictures.  Click the picture on the toolbar and add a picture already saved to your computer or from Google.

8. Add in Hyperlinks.  Using a website about the book you read copy the link.  Then on the toolbar click the link button and paste your link.

9. Publish.  Click the publish button and others will be able to see your blog post.

Let's Get Started:

Step 1: Read a book, take notes throughout the book.  Notes could include important parts of the story, what you did and did not like about the book, and why you would recommend the book to other readers.

Step 2: Create an Outline.  On a piece of paper create an outline and rough draft of your blog.  Include a summary, likes and dislikes, and then why you would recommend the book.

Step 3: Edit.  Edit your rough draft and have a friend peer edit your blog.

Step 4: Type your blog.  During computer time get on your iPad or computer, go to Blogger and type your recommendation blog.

Step 5: Share your Blog!

Quick Introduction to Blogger for Students and Teachers

Shows how to set up and use Blogger.

Project Rubric

Project Example

Lesson Plan for Teacher Use Only