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Ms. Townsend virtual classroom

Ms. Townsend virtual classroom

Author: Deidre Townsend
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Flipping the Classroom

•What is flipping the classroom?

•Flipping the classroom means it not traditional it allow the kids to go over the class material as many times as the need before they get to class the next day.

•Also it allow the students to get a better understand ing of the material because at home they can go over it as many times as they want.

•It so gives the teachers more time to inact with their student then just standing up in front of the class teaching it.

The Teaching Paradigm Shift

•The shifting in the way we teach

•Intsead of just standing in front of a chalkboard or blackboard the whole class period lecturing, you can be walking around helping your students with their projects, homework, etc

•Also it takes less time to put your lecture and assessment on media outlets then it takes to give an hour long lecture.

Differentiation via flipped classroom

•The differentiation of the flipped classroom vs the traditional I believe it would be a lot better

•I feel that the flipped class is more effect because it allows students to work at home and get a better understanding of the listen

•At home if you have a laptop you can go in your room if you work better in silence or by yourself , then once you get to school you have a better understanding so you can work in group if required

•I wish we had flipped classroom when I was in school may have had better grades lol 

Technology and Resources

•There are of resources that you can use to get you videos powerpoints etc online in order for you students to complete their assignments



•The only two I use right now are those two but there are others that ive never tried better

•Itunes u