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Author: Jessica Robinson
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Chrome Classroom

You can use Google drive for many different purposes. For this tutorial I
want to focus on the ways that it can be helpful to teachers. One way
that the features of Google drive can be helpful to teachers is it's
ability to let multiple people work on the same document at once. The
feature that allows this is Google Docs. When using a doc in Google
drive, you are able to have access to a built in research page so
that your students don't have to have a lot of tabs open. Google
drive is also cloud based which means that as long as you have access
to the internet you will be able to access your documents. Some
features of Google Docs is also able to accessed offline. One thing
to remember when using Google drive is to use the Google Chrome web
browser. Any other browser may not allow you to access everything
that is available to you. Another feature that you can use as a
teacher to enhance student learning experiences is an extenstion
found in the Chrome webstore. It is called url shortener. It
allows you to make the URL to a website shorter and it also allows
you to make a QR code.