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Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

Author: Samantha White

RL.3.3 Describe characters in a story ( ex. their traits, motivations, or feelings) and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events. 

SL 3.3 Ask and answer questions about information from a speaker, offering appropriate elaboration and detail. 

Students will be able to answer questions regarding information about characters in a story. 

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Plot Summary

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING ‐ Quick Summary for Kids
This story takes place in Messina, Italy at the palace of Governor Leonato. Leonato has one
daughter who is named Hero. He is also raising Beatrice, his niece. these two young ladies are
the main female characters in the play. Hero is younger, quiet and sweet. Beatrice is outspoken,
clever, and doesn’t ever want to get married.
When the story starts, Don Pedro and his soldiers have just won a great war and everyone is
excited. Leonato invites all of the soldiers to eat and rest at his palace. Two of the soldiers are
named Claudio and Benedick. They are the main male characters in the play. Benedick is loud,
funny and brags a lot. Claudio is quiet, shy and a new war hero.
When Claudio meets Hero the first night they fall instantly in love. However, Claudio is too shy
to talk to Hero or Leonato about his feelings. Don Pedro promises to help Claudio by talking to
Leonato for him later that night. Don Pedro says he will ask Leonato if Claudio can marry Hero.
The villain in the play is named Don John. He is the brother of Don Pedro and he is jealous of
Claudio for being the hero of the war. His sidekicks are named Conrad and Borachio. Don John
spends most of the play trying to ruin Claudio’s life. For example, Don John tells Claudio that
Don Pedro was actually trying to woo Hero for himself. That plan doesn’t work for too long,
however, because Leonato and Hero soon arrive to accept Claudio’s marriage proposal.
Hero and Claudio are happy and decide the only thing that could make them happier is if their
good friend (Benedick) and cousin (Beatrice) were to fall in love. This is quite a challenge
because Benedick and Beatrice are always mean to each other. Claudio and Hero decide to trick
them into loving one another by spreading rumors about them being in love. All the men help
spread rumors about Beatrice and all the women help spread rumors about Benedick. When
Benedick and Beatrice hear the rumors about each other, the plan works and they fall in love!
Eventually Don John and his sidekicks come up with another plan. They decide to trick Claudio
into thinking that Hero loves somebody else so that their wedding will be ruined. Don John tells
Borachio to stand at the bottom of Hero’s window and woo her maid Margaret. Because it is
nighttime, Claudio thinks Margaret is Hero telling another man that she loves him. Don John’s
plan works. Claudio is furious and swears to deny Hero the next day at their wedding.
The funniest character in the play is named Dogberry. He is the leader of The Watch (or the
guards) at Leonato’s palace. Leonato asks Dogberry and his watch to be on the look out for evil
around the palace. Dogberry is so funny because he mixes up his words and confuses things all
the time. Nobody thinks Dogberry is very smart, but he ends up being the one who finds out
about Don John’s plan and saves the wedding day!