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Multi-Track Diplomacy

Multi-Track Diplomacy

Author: Julie Tietz

At the end of this tutorial, the learner will understand the concept of multi-track diplomacy as a means of international conflict resolution.

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  • Diplomacy

    Cultivation of relationships between political states as conducted by those states’ official representatives.

  • Multi-Track Diplomacy

    A newer term for track-two diplomacy, which recognizes that different kinds of groups may influence relations between countries, cultures, or other groups.

  • Track Two Diplomacy

    Cultivation of relationships between political states or cultures through the action of non-official/non-government groups cultivating their own relationships.

  • State Actor

    A formal, recognized nation or government that has official power to conduct diplomacy with other nations.

  • Non-State Actor

    A group that is not the official representative of a government but is involved in inter/intranational conflict as an intervener.