Author: Nate Brown

The objective of this packet is to show the visual tutorials of showing how to complete multiplication problems step by step.  Multiplication can become difficult due to the excess variables that are used in the equations to get the answer.

Equations are difficult to comprehend when dealing with times tables or multiplication.  Multiplication is one of the four basic operations in elementary arithmetic.  For students that find it difficult to grasp the concept of multiplication, teachers can bring in visual tools to provide assistance.  This packet will show visual demonstrations on how to multiply and solve questions that are given.  Multiplication is critical to young adults because it is the one core subject used in everyday-life.  The visual tutorials are the best approach for the comprehension of learning because it shows visual steps that occur.  Visual demonstrations are great resources for the Math classroom because they show students step by step how to solve problems.

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Times Tables

Multiplication is all about knowing your doubles.

Fast Track Multiplication

Here is a trick to understanding how multiplication works.