Multiplication: Arrays and Repeated Addition

Multiplication: Arrays and Repeated Addition

Author: Naomi Adams
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of multiplication facts through creating arrays and showing multiplication as repeated addition.
  • Students will solve and record multiplication problems using arrays.

In this tutorial students will get a closer look at arrays as well as the concept of multiplication as repeated addition. The goal of this tutorial is for students to better understand multiplication through looking at it a different way.

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Welcome to the Tutorial!

Hello Students!

On this tutorial we will be learning more about Multiplication as repeated addition as well as using arrays. Please watch all of the videos, the move on to completing the assignment at the bottom. Once you have done all of that there is a quiz at the far right side of your tutorial. 

See you soon!

-Ms. Adams

Rap-Ability Hip Hop Multiplication: Part 1

Source: Found on YouTube: Created by: Pacific Novelty

Multiplication Song: Learning about Multiplication

Source: Found on YouTube: Created by Mexus Education

Assignment: Create a Story

Now that you have watched the two videos I hope that you have come to better understand multiplication as repeated addition as well as using arrays. Now for your assignment you will follow this link to Google Story Builder. Once there you will create a story with your own characters explaining something you have learned from this tutorial. Once you have created your story submit the link in the Google Form below.

Have fun!

Google Story Builder Assignment Form

This is where you will submit your Google Story. I hope you had fun creating it!

Source: Created by Ms. Adams on Google Forms