Multiplication of Exponents and Related Properties

Multiplication of Exponents and Related Properties

Author: Al Greene

- New terms and definitions
- How to find the product of powers (i.e., am times an)
- How to find a power of a power such as (am)n
- How to take a power of a product (i.e., (ab)m or (abm)n) and such)

This packet shows you the rules of combining exponents through multiplication.

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What's in this packet

This packet covers the rules for multiplying exponents. There is a powerpoint about all of the rules, and examples below for you to test your knowledge. The following terms may be new:


  • Exponents
  • Power

Source: Greene

Multiplying Powers - Exponent Rule

This video shows what to do when you multiply two numbers with the same base.

Multiplying Exponents

This video gives you more guidance on multiplying exponents.


This site shows you some quick examples for you to test your understanding.