Multiplication Tricks 6-9

Multiplication Tricks 6-9


Students will learn multiplication factor 6 though 9 by using their hands.

Students will learn their multiplication factors 6 through 9 by using their hands and the multiplication that they already know.

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Learn Multiplication Tables in less than 2 Minutes

Demonstration of how to multiply factors 6 through 9 using your hands.

Source: by DyslexiaRooms1 youtube video

Key Skills - Numeracy (6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables)

This Clip has been updated; This particular video enables learners, who have had difficulties with 'tables', to use low technology (namely their own hands)to work out the more difficult "Times Tables"!

Source: John Dalziel youtube video

Multiplication Tricks

This is a step by step slideshow on how to use your fingers to multiply large numbers.

Source: www.instructables.com pictures