Multiplication Using Arrays

Multiplication Using Arrays

Author: Christine Gysin


Review:  Interpret products of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 5 × 7 as the total number of objects in 5 groups of 7 objects each. (3.OA.1)

Introduce:  Multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one-digit whole number, and multiply two two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations.  Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models. (4.NBT.5) (Numbers ≤ 1,000,000)

Students will understand the relationship between a multiplication problem and a two-dimensional array.

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Demonstrating the relationship between multiplication sentences and two dimensional arrays

Source: Created by Mrs. Gysin using Explain Everything App for iPad

Making Arrays Activity

Now practice creating arrays from multiplication sentences with the Making Arrays Activity.



iPad App Tutor G4M - Grade 4 Multiplication

Take a tour of the App Tutor G4M - Grade 4 Multiplication iPad App.

After you visit the tutorial, please open the App on the iPad and practice multiplication.