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Multiplying a fraction by a fraction

Multiplying a fraction by a fraction

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5.NF.4 Fraction of a Fraction

When multiplying fractions by fractions, students (and parents) often get overwhelmed by the confusion of what is taking place. When we multiply whole numbers, one can easily picture a certain number of whole groups of whole objects (e.g 5 x 2 = five groups of 2 apples each, how many apples in all? 10). 

With fractions, it is more difficult to picture what is being said by 1/2 of 3/5. NEVER FEAR!! Mr. V is here!!!! dun da da DUNN!! (insert super hero theme song). 

In this tutorial I will show you various ways of conceptualizing (picturing) multiplication of two fractions. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy some math. And remember... MATH IS COOL!


Mr. V




check out this show me to start off your discussion of multiplying fractions by fractions. 

worksheets for this tutorial

attached is a PDF document with extended practice and a game for you to practice your mental math strategies for multiplying fractions by fractions. You can either download the document and print it out, or practice on a separate piece of paper.
Mr. V