Multiplying by 6's

Multiplying by 6's


Students will draw pictures to conceptualize mathematics problems in which the number 6 is multiplied by other one-digit numbers. Students will correctly solve two multiplication word problems in the 6 times table. 

This is an introduction for students who have some concept of multiplication. Tutorial provides specific strategies for solving multiplication by 6's. Students will be engaged with a variety of media. 

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Students will be introduced to two strategies to solve problems that involve multiplication by 6's.

Drawing of Multiplication by 6's Strategies

Source: Kathryn Oleszkowicz Google Drive Drawing

Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication by 6

At-Home Assessment

Print this worksheet to do at home and bring into class! Or open PDF up in PDF Editor on tablet and bring in your completed thoughts on your tablet. Students will use common objects to multiply by 6s. Students will be asked to find patterns in the 6 times table.

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Source: Kathryn Oleszkowicz Classroom Creation