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Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying Decimals

Author: Chris Tiner

The objective of this tutorial is to help students understand how to set up and calculate multiplying decimals.

1) When setting up a multiplication problem, always put the number that has the most digits on top. Remember, having the most digits does not mean it is the largest in value.

For example:  .0123 has more digits than 1.1 but 1.1 is higher in value.

2) Once you have the most digits written on top, place the other number underneath the top number to the far right (NOTE: DO NOT line up the decimals. Lining up decimals only occurs when adding and subtracting).





3) Multiply the 1 in the tenths place by all the individual digits above it.

Example: 1*3, 1*2, 1*1, 1*0

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