Multiplying Fractions by whole numbers

Multiplying Fractions by whole numbers

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Students and families, I am so excited that you all are using my flip classroom! I hope this helps you get extra practice with the math standards that we are required to learn in 5th grade. This tutorial covers multiplying a fraction by a whole number. I will have resources available to you as well as an extended practice worksheet. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and remember... Math is Cool!

Mr. V

Ps. the extended practice sheet is something I want you to try after watching the video. You should turn it into me so that I can see your progress, but please don't get stuck on the idea of HOMEWORK! I want you to practice as much as possible and not worry about a grade. 

ShowMe for this Tutorial


The following are two showmes didicated to this standard. Watch them as many times as you need and remember... Math is COOL!!!!



Extended Practice

After accessing the additional help (show me and video) complete this extended practice. The 11-2 sheet we completed in class and is only up in case you lost your copy or would like a blank one to work from.
Mr. V

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