Multiplying Polynomials

Multiplying Polynomials

Author: Rachel Kaplan

Objectives include:
-How to multiply binomials using the FOIL method
-How to multiply more complex polynomials

This packet, through video with voiceover, will teach you how to become a pro at multiplying all types of polynomials!

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Multiplying Binomials

How to use the wonderful method of FOIL to complete multiplication of binomials. To find out how to solve the example at the end of the video, scroll to the next video on complex polynomials.

Complex Polynomials

How to solve two and three part polynomial multiplications that can get kind of tricky!

More Examples

Now you should be ready to try some on your own ! Complete the problems below and check your final answers in next box.


1. (3x+1)(4x+5)

2. (8x+2)(2x+2)

3. (7x+5)(x+3)

4. (2x2+3)(4x+4)

More Complex Polynomials:

1. (3x+1)(4x2+2x+5)

2. (2x2+2x)(5x2+3x+2)

3. 5x(2x+3)(2x2+x+2)

Answers to Examples


1. 12x2+19x+5

2. 16x2+20x+4

3. 7x2+26+15

4. 8x3+8x2+12x+12

Complex Polynomials:

1. 12x3+10x2+17x+5

2. 10x4  16x3+10x2+4x

3. 20x4+40x3+35x2+30x